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A Shared Journey

Our IT Security Operations Center is your first port of call when dealing with cyber threats. We follow our Clients worldwide with a 24x7 service.
We protect your data privacy and tailor our SOC services according to your requirements.

Axians Switzerland

Our business analysts integrate SOC services with Clients' processes and procedures, applying NIST standards to develop the required cyber governance. With our on-site consultants and technical engineers, you are never alone.

E-Venture Business Solutions

SOC Tier4 Datacenter

Cutting-edge technology: the Security Operations Center operated by Axians Switzerland on a Tier4 Data Centre, offers a 24/7 service coverage protecting you from cyber threats.

Project Management methodology

Project management approach: we follow the cyber security implementation at your site as a turn key project, from the SOC services activation to the cyber security framework development, supporting you during the design of your company processes and procedures.

Your data belong to you

Your data stay where they belong: with Axians Switzerland SIEM (Security Information and Event Management), we monitor your IT environment without accessing your data assets or having your data leave your Datacenter.

We understand your business

We talk business: if you are a Financial Institutions, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare or Hospitality corporate, we understand your organization, and we support you while designing your company processes and procedures.

E-Venture Business Solutions Cybersecurity Services Bahrain Gulf Cooperation Council

In E-Ventures Business Solutions and Axians Switzerland, we unite both areas of expertise and we are able to offer a holistic approach. Both IT and process data is aggregated here and correlated using cutting-edge technologies, enabling cybersecurity incidents to be detected.

With the Security Operations Center (SOC) operated by Axians Switzerland and with E-Venture Business Solutions professionals, we support you from conceptual design, implementation and deployment of the SOC.

Companies and organisations, from industry to the banking sector, are increasingly relying on digital transformation concepts that also provide operators and owners with valuable data. This data contains the added value of the organisations' services and, most importantly, the value for the end customer. In order to protect this data and prevent security gaps and vulnerabilities, information security is a new priority and developing a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy is a business must.

E-Venture Business Solutions and Axians are your port of call for this expertise: we are able to combine governance know-how with the best of cyber security expertise, close to the customer and all around the clock. Together we support our customers following a simple approach: keep it simple, undue complexity hinders security. 

E-Venture Business Solutions Cybersecurity National Institute of Standards and Technology NIST Bahrain Gulf Cooperation Council

Developing a cyber security Framework integrating SOC services with the company processes and procedures needs a methodological approach.

Axians and E-Venture Business Solutions follow the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) cyber security standards, guidelines and best practices, to comply with Financial Institutions Regulators and Industry requirements.

NIST framework defines five areas of responsibility: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover. 

E-Venture Business Solutions Cybersecurity National Institute of Standards and Technology NIST Bahrain Gulf Cooperation Council

We handle the Client onboarding phase with a Transition Project, following methods based on international standards, e.g. PM Book (PMI) and  Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL).

During the Transition Project, we tailor the solution adapted to customer processes and procedures, integrating the SOC services within the existing Client organization supporting the development/revisions of the cyber security framework.

The Client benefits from our team experience in several multi-provider outsourcing projects in international contests.

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) rules the Axians Switzerland SOC services provided during the Transition Project and after the deployment phase.  

With its project manager responsible for the Transition Project, E-Venture Business Solutions supports the Client with an on-site presence, following all the activities.  After the deployment into production, E-Venture Business Solutions provides to the Client a dedicated Account Manager.

E-Venture Business Solutions Axians SOC Platform

The centrepiece of Axians Switzerland IT SOC platform consists of six system levels, based on various risk detection modules (e.g. SIEM) that process data from the customer’s system. The data collected undergoes further processing by the correlation engine and is prepared for analysis and augmented by additional information. This processed data is then checked and analyzed once again by Axians’ cyber security team. In detail:

  1. ​Data collection: collecting data from the network (e.g. Firewall, Switches, Routers) and SW applications (e.g. ERP, MES, IAM);

  2. Processing: normalization and data categorization. Threat intelligence analysis;

  3. Correlation engine: use-case, risk and behavioural analysis,  anomalies detection;

  4. Analytical interface: alarm analysis and threat hunting through Axians Switzerland IT/OT SOC experts;

  5. Management center: incident and workflow management, playbooks, deploy on SOC multi clients;

  6. Client dashboard: for customers interface to get an overview of all security incidents.


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